Thank you for visiting my web site.

Here you will find an assortment of images from my life in photography. Although that spans a period of about 50 years, the material shown here will, out of practicality, reflect primarily photographs from the more recent digital era.

Along with the galleries you will find a blog where I plan to share a few thoughts from time to time. Some will pertain to photography, others not so much.

Feel free to peruse the galleries and the site at your leisure.

You will notice that there is nothing on the site that deals with sales. Although I’m not averse to selling prints or cards, it’s not something that I feel a need to promote. If you should have an interest in purchasing something, please drop me a note via the contact form.

Please note that all the images and text are copyrighted by me unless otherwise indicated. If you have interest in using any of this material in any manner, please have the courtesy to contact me first.